Better late than dead…

Posted: August 18, 2011 in undead updates
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I have updated the pic of the week for your enjoyment…


I am going to apologize in advance to my loyal survivors, the writing dead is gonna be pretty “dead” for about the next 6 months because I am currently training in the desert with the marine corps for that long… I will update when I can. Until then, stay safe, and keep your weapons loaded!

~ Shawn

The below link will take you to a pretty epic advert for the book “Night of the Living Trekkies”

Undead or alive

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Quotes, undead updates
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I am watching this zombie western movie with Chris kattan called “undead or alive” it is not that great of a movie but it had quite possibly the best racial argument in a movie ever… I have listed it here for your enjoyment.

Elmer: Wheels… the basic benchmark of civilization. You Indians are supposed to be so great and wise and everything; and I got sympathy for your situation, I do. But you’d still be dragging everything on the ground if we hadn’t’ve brought wheels into this country. And horses. The fucking Spanish brought you your horses, did you know that? Before they got here, you was just a bunch of savages in diapers dragging all your shit around on sticks and blankets.
Sue: That is so ignorant.
Elmer: Seems like you like our guns too; and I ain’t even gonna start on the fire water shit.
Sue: Did you invent the wheel, Elmer? No, you didn’t. But you’re gonna take personal credit for Western Civilization? Your monkey ancestors happened to be born in an area with abundant founder crops; big, slow ruminants, and a lateral continental axis that allowed for the development of agriculture, writing and maritime technology. Not to mention cross-species plagues, which are the real weapons of European conquest. So you invented smallpox; nice going *dick*!
Luke: Monkey ancestors?
Sue: Oh, Jesus Christ. Read a book!
Elmer: What the hell kinda crazy book is that shit in?

Greetings fellow survivors,

It has been a few days since I have updated you, with good reason. I have been to busy getting pulled over every time I turn on a vehicle to keep you informed about the undead.
In the immortal words of NWA… Fuck the police! I am allowed to say that, I have my “ghetto pass” plus both my parents and my brother are all cops… I ain’t scared!
We will see what’s up when the zombies are chewing your heart out from behind your shiny tin star john Law! You fucking fuck!
“what could cause such animosity”, you ask? Getting pulled over twice in three days for trivial shit…like what shoes I was wearing on my motorcycle. That’s what.

ANYHOW! *deep breath* I have updated the Pic of the Week and I must say it has quite the subtle undertones of what I am always telling you fine people… Always be prepared.

Greetings fellow survivors!

It has been a busy past few days here, starting with Friday which was my birthday, I am getting old…ish. Anyhow went and saw Captain America since it came out on my birthday I considered it a gift from Hollywood. It was pretty good, I recommend you check it out if you haven’t already! Then the rest of the weekend was spent writing reviews for buyzombie and reading my book so I can review that for you kind souls.
I am officially an 1833 Amphibious Assault Crewman now! Much like the Marine Corps itself I am always adapting to new challenges… Tun Tavern.

And of course the reason you are all here, I have updated the Pic of the Week, and if you like guns you are gonna love this weeks update.

lego undead…

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this is by far the coolest use of legos i have ever seen…. if they sell these i am gonna start playing with legos again… i dont care what yall think!